Open Range Beef Natural Dog Treat Chews

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Open Range Beef Natural Dog Chews are an exceptionally healthful treat for your dog. These chews are high in essential vitamins and nutrients, including protein and also iron. They are minimally processed, using only steam and dry curing. Each natural beef chew is made from free-range beef, too. They’re free from added hormones, preservatives, steroids, or antibiotics. Choose from classic sticks, bully braids, and even bully springs!

Open Range natural beef bully sticks are the original doggy favourite. These tasty chews are a healthy alternative to raw-hide, and are rich unessential vitamins and nutrients. They’re available in bulk cases of the following sizes: Bully Stick 4″ case of 65, Bully Stick 6″ case of 45, Bully Stick 12″ case of 10, Bully Stick 12″ case of 50, Bully Stick 24″ case of 25, Bully Stick 32″-36″ case of 20, Bully Stick Supreme case of 35.


Open Range mini natural beef sticks are just as healthful and delicious as the original, however they’re made from veal. This makes them smaller and more tender, which can be great for smaller dogs! Available in the following sizes: Bully Stick Mini 5″-6″ case of 60, and Bully Stick Mini 11″-12″ case of 70.


Open Range Bully Braids are made with the same delicious beef tendons as the original sticks, but with a twist! They’re carefully braided to increase the girth and weight of this treat, as particular favourite for bigger dogs. This makes them extremely effective at cleaning teeth, too. Available in the following sizes: Bully Braid 4″ case of 35, Bully Braid 6″ case of 30, and Bully Braid 12″ case of 30.


Open Range Bully Springs are a fun and playful take on the classic bully stick. They’re wound into a neat spiral, that dogs will love to toss about. This also makes them a little more difficult to chew quickly, forcing dogs to slow down and focus more on what they’re doing. Available in the following sizes: Bully Spring 6″-7″ case of 35, and Bully Spring 11″-12″ case of 35.

Open Range Beef Natural Dog Treat Chews are proudly made in Canada. These chews promote good dental health. Dogs can’t resist the delicious meaty flavour!

Why We Recommend Open Range Beef Natural Dog Treat Chews:

  • Proudly made in Canada
  • High in protein, iron, and zinc
  • Also high in other essential nutrients and vitamins
  • A meaty flavour that dogs love!
  • Free from steroids, antibiotics, preservatives, or hormones
  • Steam and dry cured
  • Promote good dental health


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