Vivus Pet Foods Vanilla Mint Plant Based Dental Chews


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Vivus Pet Foods Vanilla Mint Plant Based Dental Chews are a wholesome way to improve your dog’s oral health. They’re made with natural ingredients like kelp, coconut oil, and parsley. Plus, natural zeolites and enzymes clean your pup’s mouth by stopping the buildup of bad bacteria. Because they’re a soft, chewy treat, they’re also great for dogs of all ages, including seniors and dogs with sensitive gums.

This recipe includes natural vanilla and mint flavours, too.

Vivus Pet Foods Vanilla Mint Plant Based Dental Chews are made with an ultra premium vegan recipe. This makes them a safe option for dogs with allergies and sensitivities to common ingredients. They’re grain free and easy to digest. This all natural, delicious recipe is made in an NASC member facility. A proudly Canadian brand. Available in a 10.5 oz bag.

Why We Recommend Vivus Pet Foods Vanilla Mint Plant Based Dental Chews:

  • An all natural, herbal based recipe
  • Plant based and vegan friendly
  • Free from all common allergens
  • Delicious recipe
  • Improves oral health while freshening breath
  • Made in a NASC member facility
  • A proudly Canadian brand


Parsley, Green Tea Extract, Natural Zeolites, Cinnamon, Organic Kelp, Enzyme Blend (fungal amylase, fungal protease, bacterial protease, bromelain, papain, cellulase, hemicellulase, fungal lipase), Citric Acid, Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Natural Flavours, Sweet Potato, Rosemary Extract, Sunflower Lecithin, Water

Directions For Use:

It is recommended that no more than 10% of daily energy intake come from imbalanced food sources, including treats, snacks and chewable supplements.

Feeding Guide:

Extra Small (<11lbs) –     1/2-1

Small (<11lbs-22lbs) –    1-2

Medium (22lbs-48.5lbs)-    2-3

Large (48.5lbs-88lbs)-     3-4

Giant (>88lbs)-      5-6



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