Fish Lake Road Arctic Charr Pet Treats


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Fish Lake Road Arctic Charr Treats are a new, innovative way to reward your furry friend. They’re all natural, and made with a single animal protein; fresh Yukon arctic charr. In fact, these grain-free treats are perfect for dogs or cats who have protein allergies or sensitivities. Each bite is packed with Omega 3’s, fish oil, vitamin D, and more. These are the only pet treats on the market that are made with Yukon Arctic Charr, too.

Fish Lake Road Arctic Charr Treats are a super premium option for dogs and cats, with a unique twist; they include natural parts of the fish, such as skin, organs, and bone. The result is an exceptionally healthy treat that mimics your pet’s natural prey. They’re carefully dehydrated to preserve the natural nutrition, too. But don’t worry, these treats won’t smell too fishy! They’re easy to serve, simply give whole chunks to your dog, or break them apart into smaller pieces for cats. Available in a 150g bag.

What is Arctic Charr?

Arctic Charr is a unique fish that is similar to salmon or trout. This cold water fish has a beautiful pink flesh and is full of flavour. It’s also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin D, and other essentials vitamins and nutrients. It is supplied by some of Canada’s best fishers, right from Fish Lake Road in the Yukon, using industry-leading sustainable practices. This fish has been popular for many years among dog -sled owners in Yukon, including competition-level sledders. This is one of the finest fish in the world, and now it’s available for your pet!

Why We Recommend Fish Lake Road Arctic Charr Treats:

  • A unique fish not found in other pet foods or treats
  • Beautiful, dehydrated chunks that include all parts of the fish
  • Sustainable and ocean-friendly
  • A super premium dog treat made with only natural ingredients
  • An excellent choice for pets with allergies or sensitivities
  • Perfect for both dogs and cats

Fish Lake Road Arctic Charr Treats Ingredients:

Yukon Arctic Charr, Mixed Tocopherals (A natural preservative)

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