Oregapet Dental Health Treat for Dogs


Large-sized or Mini treat with Oil of Oregano and natural mint to assist with oral health.

Removes plaque build-up and kills plaque causing bacteria

Keeps teeth clean and breath fresh
Neutralizes acids that break down tooth enamel

Oil of Oregano is scientifically proven to be an effectivetreatment against a variety of disease-causing organisms. A powerfulantioxidant and anti-inflammatory, Oil of Oregano is a non-toxic andhealthy dietary supplement that can help support your pet’s defencesystems, both inside and out.Oral support andprevention plans are always best to ensure your pet’s health and safety.According to the manufacturer, Oil of Oregano has no known contra-indications or adverse druginteractions. It has been successfully used alone and in combinationwith conventional treatments.INGREDIENTS: Barley flour, porkliver, chicken fat (naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols), rolledoats, wheat germ, alfalfa, parsley, sodium bicarbonate, mediterraneanoregano oil, peppermint oil, chlorophyll.MADE IN CANADA


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