Miss Envy Botanicals Canna-9 Hemp Oil Supplement for Dogs and Cats



The Miss Envy Botanicals Canna-9 Hemp Oil Supplement for Dogs and Cats is one of Canada’s highest quality pet-specific hemp oils. Produced in British Columbia, this oil is cold extracted from 100% organic Canadian hemp. The result of this process is a pure, clean oil that is free from solvents and unnecessary chemicals. Each batch is free from soy, wheat, gluten, GMO’s, artificial colours and artificial preservatives. It’s very easy to feed, simply add a few drops to your pet’s food. Oil is not water soluble, and is therefor not recommended to be added to water.

Miss Envy Botanicals Canna-9 Hemp Oil Supplement for pets is designed to decrease pain due to arthritis, or any other hip and joint pain. It can also reduce inflammation in most pets, improving their quality of life greatly. It even strengthens and improves the mobility in your pet’s joints and muscles.  CBD oil is believed to reduce high blood pressure, and help to stabilize your pet’s blood pressure as well. And it even helps to re-hydrate your pet’s skin, and improve the overall quality of their coat.

Hemp extract oil for pets is made without any psychoactive ingredients, so it will not cause your pet pet to experience any unwanted side effects. It is an excellent supplement for pets who suffer from anxiety, too. If your pet suffers from joint pain, inflammation, mobility impairment, high blood pressure, anxiety, or skin and coat issues, try Miss Envy Botanicals Canna-9 Hemp Oil Supplement for Dogs and Cats today!

Why We Recommend Miss Envy Botanicals Canna-9 Hemp Oil Supplement for Dogs and Cats:

  • A high quality, solvent free hemp extract oil for pets
  • Free from soy, wheat, and also gluten
  • Also free from artificial colours or preservatives
  • Reduces inflammation, pain, and anxiety
  • An excellent way to improve your pet’s skin and coat health
  • Also helps to stabilize blood pressure and improve mobility

Miss Envy Botanicals Canna-9 Hemp Oil Supplement Ingredients:

Flax seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, sunflower oil, cod liver (source of Vitamins A & D), sesame oil, rosemary extracts, C02 extracted CBD hemp oil


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