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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:Heavy Duty Polyethylene (pe) translucent “Frosted Look” bottles with good resistance to damaging ultra-violet light and temperature extremes, use indoors and outdoors. Durable bottle with silkscreen design, colorful angled cap complete with stainless steel vacuum-valve drinking tube, two heavy stainless steel balls in ball-point tip, and rubber gasket. 

ALL-WEATHER HAMSTER BOTTLE With Double Ball Point Vacuum-Valve 8 oz (236 ml)Ideal for HAMSTERS, HEDGEHOGS,SUGAR GLIDERS, RATS, MICE, GERBILSand Similar Size Small Animals.
A durable 8 oz bottle designed with theAngled Cap and the smaller 5/16″ diameterstainless steel drinking tube sized for theanimals listed.
Item No. 80510 (M-51)

ALL-WEATHER GUINEA PIG BOTTLEWith Double Ball Point Vacuum-Valve 16 oz (473 ml) Ideal for GUINEA PIGS, SMALL RABBITS,FERRETS, CHINCHILLAS, PRARIE DOGSand Similar Size Small Animals.
A durable 16 oz bottle for use by one pet.Comes with the Angled Cap and a large7/16″ diameter stainless steel drinking tubesized for the animals listed.
Item No. 80610 (M-61)

ALL-WEATHER RABBIT BOTTLE With Double Ball Point Vacuum-Valve 32 oz (946ml) Ideal for RABBITS, GUINEA PIGS, FERRETS, CHINCHILLAS, PRARIE DOGS and Similar Size Small Animals.
Durable 32 ounce size, large enough for one rabbit-sized pet or 2 to 3 guinea pigs. Features 7/16″ diameter stainless steel drinking tube. Item No. 80850 (M-85)





 To assure that your pet is comfortable and will drink its fill of water, the tip of the drinking tube should be positioned at the shoulder height of the average adult. If young babies are present in the cage, the water bottle may need to be lowered temporarily or a second bottle added for them For some pets, such as ferrets (which can be “low” or “tall”), observe the position they prefer to drink in, and adjust the water bottle height to suit.


 Hang the bracket on a horizontal wire making sure the “U”-shaped wire retainer bail’s loop ends are within the hooks of the bracket. Crimp the hook-shaped ends closed around horizontal cage wire. Insert bottle into the “V” shaped bottom-rest of the hanger bracket. Flip retainer bail down over bottle to secure.


Simply hook the ends of the wire bail around one of the horizontal (cross) cage wires to secure the bottle in place. To keep bail in position, wire ends may be crimped onto cage for a firm, secure mount. Complete mounting instructions are printed inside each card.

CHECKING THE WATER LEVEL: Checking the water level in your OASIS Water Bottle is easy! Special floating balls stay on the water surface, showing the exact level at a glance in most situations. All-Weather and Crystal Clear bottles feature a bright pink ball; color tinted Bell Bottles and Bird Bottles have a white ball. The non-toxic plastic ball will not clog the water tube or harm your pet. Oasis was the first to add this feature.
MOUNTING THE WATER BOTTLE TO A CAGE: When attaching bottles to wire cages, simply hook the mounting loops of the wire holder (included) through the cross wires as shown above. Bottles mount in much the same manner as they are attached to the original display card. Place the bottle on the cage, still in a vertical position, so that the tip is approximately shoulder high to your pet. Do not get the tip too low; if the animal can touch the tip while lying down or sleeping the contact can cause leaking.
Be sure that the drinking tip extends all the way into the cage…animals can nudge the tip and push it through the wire, out of their reach, if it is inserted only part way. For the larger bottles that are equipped with the suspension bails, the long “V” shaped side wires can be gently bent to help the bottle position conform to cages with sagging or bowed sides. This will allow the drinking tube to extend into the odd shaped cage. When satisfied that the bottle is in the position you want, the wire ends may be crimped closed to secure the bail to the cage.
Check the position of the gasket in the cap, making sure it is clean and lying flat. If using vitamins such as Oasis Vita-Drops®, dispense the correct amount into the water bottle, fill 1/4 full and cap lightly, then shake mixture to mix the vitamins thoroughly. Fill the bottle all the way to the very top. To minimize the normal dripping that occurs as the vacuum is formed, fill bottle as full as possible (fill even the neck of the bottle where the cap goes), leaving little or no air space. Screw the cap tightly onto the bottle.
If your pet is a real chewer and insists on destroying his water bottle, check out the following site for information on protecting your pet’s water bottle: How to Use Oasis Bottle Guards
FILLING AND INSTALLING THE WATER BOTTLE: Turn the bottle to a vertical position (tube down); For Vacuum-Valve bottles, the two stainless steel balls should move freely to the tip of the tube. Tap the bottle to dislodge any bubbles remaining in the tube; drips of water during this step are normal. Check operation by pushing the balls into the tube to be sure they are moving freely. DO NOT squeeze the bottle in an attempt to start water flow. This not only doesn’t get the water flow started, but may actually draw the balls up into the tube and prevent them from returning to their proper position. If this happens, the water supply can be cut off from the animal. Tapping on the side of the tube will retun the balls to the tip of the tube. It is important to regularly check that the two stainless steel balls move freely in the tube..at least once a day.
TRAINING YOUR PET TO USE THE WATER BOTTLE: Many pets that do not normally adapt to using either the Oasis Vaccum-Valve water bottles or the Insta-Fill True-Valve bottle (ie. larger lizards, cats and birds such as parrots) can be taught to do so. Position the new water bottle so that the tip of the drinking tube extends into the cage next to the existing water source. If the water has been offered in a dish, move the dish 3 days prior to changeover to the side of the cage where you will want the water bottle. Add the water bottle, and allow the existing dish to gradually run dry while making sure the pet knows the new water is present. Note the levels in the new bottle…if the level drops, you pet is already using the water bottle.
After 2 to 7 days, the average pet is very comfortable using the new bottle, and the old water dish can be removed. Another simple technique for training your pet is to place an ice cube on top of a bottle that is properly installed inside or outside of a cage. As the ice melts, water will run down the outside of the bottle and tube, and so teaches your pet that the bottle is a source for water. 
CLEANING AND DISINFECTING TIPS: CLEANING THE BOTTLE: If any soap or detergent is used in cleaning the bottle, rinse the bottle and all parts extra well (residue can cause intestinal upset in pets)…5 or 6 rinses may be needed. If there is algae in the water bottle, use 1 part household chlorine bleach to 8 or 10 parts water, fill bottle and re-cap (work some solution into the tube)…algae will “dissolve” and rise to the top of the bottle within one hour. Rinse well (2 to 3 times) and refill.
CLEANING THE DRINKING TUBE: If you feel it is necessary to scrub inside the drinking tube, use a new pipe-cleaner (also known as a chenille stem) available at craft and hobby stores. Use the larger of the standard straight sizes…the flexible wire will bend if needed to clean around the gasket area. It is a good idea to check the gasket while cleaning the cap and tube…flip and reverse the gasket every now and again.
DISINFECTING: Disinfecting the water bottle and tube assembly reduces chance of bacteria growth. Separate bottle, cap and gasket; and soak submerged in a solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water for one hour, rinsing well.


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