Marshall Ferret ProBiotic Digestive Tract Conditioner

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ProBiotic is a digestive tract conditioner with lactobacillus acidophilus to enhance nutrient absorption. ProBiotic will recondition your ferret’s digestive tract, bringing it back to its natural balance. Aids ferrets that have experienced ECE. Can be used on other small animals as well.1.7 oz. bottle.

1 review for Marshall Ferret ProBiotic Digestive Tract Conditioner

  1. christopher (verified owner)

    This digestive tract conditioner helps with my 16 month old ferret digestive issues.
    Results are very quick. It doesnt take long to see a big difference. It worked for my ferret. I noticed my ferret gaining weight and her stool went back to normal with it being the correct size and moisture.
    I keep a bottle of this stuff around for if and when it may be needed.
    All i do is put the recommended doseage in a hanging water bottle and shake it up.
    Theres no smell from this and my lil ferret cant even tell its mixed with her water.

    I would recommend trying this product before spending hundreds of dollars at the vet with lil to no improvement, like i did.

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