Marshall Ferret Sneaker Toy

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The Marshall Ferret Sneaker Toy is an adorable, sneaker shaped toy for ferrets. It’s ultra lightweight, making it easy for small pets to snuggle with, carry around, and also hide. Your ferret will love how soft this toy is, and you’ll love its durability. Hide treats inside of this toy for additional excitement. Giving your ferret fun toys to keep them entertained is important to prevent boredom, and also to encourage exercise. This toy is simple to clean, and only requires a wipe with a damp cloth after each use. Always supervise your ferrets with toys and treats. This toy is suitable for ferrets and other small pets, as well as cats.

Why We Recommend The Marshall Ferret Sneaker Toy:

  • Ultra lightweight, making it easy for your ferret to carry
  • Soft and cuddly
  • Hide treats inside it for additional fun
  • Keeps your ferret entertained for hours


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