Marshall Fish Squeak Toy for Ferrets

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The Marshall Fish Squeak Toy is a fun and exciting toy that your fuzzy friend will adore! It’s super soft, and your ferret will enjoy carrying it around, snuggling with it, and even hiding it! It squeaks when squeezed, to get your pet’s attention. This cute fish shaped ferret toy is available in assorted colours. To maintain, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth after each use. Providing fun toys for your ferret is a great way to increase their stimulation, and to decrease boredom. It also deters them from chewing on things that they shouldn’t!

Why We Recommend The Marshall Fish Squeak Toy:

  • Made with super soft material that ferrets love to snuggle with
  • Fun colours and a squeaker make it exciting
  • Lightweight and easy for your ferret to carry, hide, and snuggle
  • A fun fishy shape, in assorted colours


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