Marshall Plush Octoplay Giant Octopus Ferret Toy

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The Marshall Plush Octoplay Giant Octopus Ferret Toy  is a perfect toy for ferrets. This interactive maze has five long tunnel arms that your ferret will love to slink in and out of. It also has eleven exciting holes for climbing. This fleece burrowing toy is cozy and warm, too. What a great place to hide and snooze, too. This is a great toy for single ferrets, or for groups. Ferrets love to play, and providing them with fun and exciting toys is great for their overall well being. Play promotes physical activity, and it also necessary for your ferret’s mental health.
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The Marshall Plush Octoplay is easy to maintain, and should be hand washed for best results. This ferret toy is brightly coloured, making it attractive to ferrets. It can be used both inside and outside of the cage, too. It is well stitched, making it durable and chew resistant.

Why We Recommend The Marshall Plush Octoplay Giant Octopus Ferret Toy:

  • A fun and interactive toy for ferrets
  • Contains 5 tunnel arms and eleven hole for climbing
  • Great for single ferrets, or groups
  • Promotes exercise and overall good mental health
  • Durable and chew resistant
  • Made of soft fleece; a great place to nap!


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