Marshall Ferret Extreme Crunchy Minnow Treats

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Marshall Ferret Extreme Crunchy Minnow Treats are a delicious freeze dried treat that ferrets can’t resist. Each bite contains 100% whole minnows, so your pet can enjoy every part of the fish – a perfect snack! These treats are exceptionally healthy, especially when compared to many other treat options on the market. In fact, they’re loaded with animal proteins, amino acids, and other essential vitamins and nutrients. What a treat! Ferrets in the wild naturally seek out delicious fish to hunt, munch and snack on. This treat provides your pet with a nutrition boost that satisfies their wild cravings.

Keeping your ferret entertained and happy is easy with these delicious fishy treats. Your pet will love to toss them, hide them in their bed, and also dig them back up. All before gulping them down! Ferrets love the taste of fish, so this treat is always a winner. These exceptionally high quality treats are made with 100% whole minnows that are still in tact.

Why We Recommend Marshall Ferret Extreme Crunchy Minnow Treats:

  • Made with whole, freeze dried minnows
  • A fun crunch that ferrets love
  • A delicious tasty treat
  • High in protein as well as other essential nutrients
  • An overall healthy treat for ferrets


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