Aqueon Carbon Media Filter


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Aqueon Carbon Media Filter in an easy way to keep your tank water looking clean, clear, and fresh. It improves the appearance of aquarium water by removing organic pollutants. This reduces unwanted odours, and also decreases opportunities for water discolouration. This also improves the overall water quality for your fish.

Aqueon Carbon Media Filter can be used with various types of fish tank filters, such as hang-on-the-back style, internal filters, canister style filters, and even sump style filters. Use it in both freshwater and also saltwater applications. Available in a 1 lb pack

Why We Recommend Aqueon Carbon Media Filter:

  • Can be used with various styles of filter
  • Reduces odours
  • Removes organic pollutants
  • Use in saltwater or freshwater aquariums
  • Improves the quality and clarify of aquarium water


1 lb pack


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