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Aqueon is a manufacturer of quality aquarium supplies, including pumps, filters, and heaters. The Aqueon submersible aquarium heater is a durable, reliable, and accurate aquarium heater. This aquarium heater is one of the most accurate fish tank heaters available on the market.  This aquarium heater is available in 5 different sizes and wattages. It glows red when they temperature of the tank water is increasing, and switches to green when the desired temperature has been reached. If this heater is accidentally left outside of the water, it will turn off automatically. It also resets and goes back to working normally when returned to the water. This aquarium heater works well when placed both vertically and also horizontally. It comes with a large temperature control knob that makes it easy to control temperatures. 
Why We Recommend It:

A durable and reliable heater
Automatically shuts off if left out of water
Made with a large control know for easy temperature adjustments
Comes in five convenient sizes and wattages


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