Aqueon QuietFlow LED Pro Aquarium Power Filters


Earn up to 92 Points.

Aqueon QuietFlow LED Pro Aquarium Power Filters have an internal pump design that helps dampen noise, keeping them quiet than other leading filters. This self priming filter starts automatically after cleanings or power interruptions, so you never have to worry about forgetting to turn it on. It has a high flow rate which ensures more dissolved oxygen, to help keep your fish healthy and active.

Aqueon QuietFlow LED Pro Aquarium Power Filters have a convenient indicator light that flashes when it is time to clean the cartridges. There are five total stages to this filtration system:

  1. Stage one is a dense floss that removes particles and debris.
  2. Stage two, activated carbon, removes toxins, odours, and discolouration.
  3. Stage three is a patented bio-holster that removes ammonia and nitrates.
  4. Stage 4 is a diffuser grid that removes additional toxins, while also adding more oxygen. This stage reduces splashing and noise.
  5. Stage five uses a specialty filter pad for additional carbon, ammonia removal, of a phosphate remover.

Why We Recommend Aqueon QuietFlow LED Pro Aquarium Power Filters:

  • A five stage system that keeps water especially clean
  • Focuses on removing ammonia, nitrates, debris, particles, phosphate, and toxins
  • Exceptionally quiet
  • Effectively keeps aquarium water clean and clear
  • A flashing indicator light alters you when it is time to change cartridges
  • Self priming, turns on automatically after power interruptions

Fits Aquarium Size:

10 gallon – Up to 20 Gallons

20 gallon- Up to 30 Gallons
30 gallon- Up to 45 Gallons
50 gallon- Up to 50 Gallons
75 gallon- Up to 90 Gallons


10 gallon – 6.4″ x 3.8″ x 6.3″
20 gallon- 7.4″ x 4.4″ x 7.9″
30 gallon- 8.4″ x 4.6″ x 7.9″
50 gallon- 8.4″ x 4.1″ x 7.9″
75 gallon- 12.9″ x 6.6″ x 8.4″


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