8 in 1 Ecotrition SnakShak House Small Animal Accessory



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Introducing the 8 in 1 Ecotrition SnakShak House! This 100% edible activity houses is the perfect treat for your small animal. Made from golden honey and delicious alfalfa, this treat is also a cozy hideaway. Your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla will enjoy endless hours of stimulating chewing fun. This treat is designed with a natural wood look, and is completely safe for your pet to eat. Always ensure your pet also has access to clean drinking water.

Why We Recommend The 8 in 1 Ecotrition SnakShak House:

  • A Stimulating and entertaining activity
  • Completely edible and also safe for your pet’s digestion
  • A natural wood look that is aesthetically pleasing
  • Also makes a wonderfully cozy hideaway


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