Define Planet Soothe N’ Shield PawBalm for Dogs

$10.99 CAD


Define Planet Soothe N’ Shield PawBalm is a unique and innovative product for your dog’s paws. This balm is designed to both soothe your dog’s paws, and also to protect them. Simply apply to your dog’s paws the same way you would a lip balm. The scientifically formulated paw balm will moisturize and nourish your dog’s sensitive paws. It will also protect and shield them from harmful outdoor elements. This doggy paw balm is completely natural, too. It is made from wholesome ingredients like butters and oils. PawBalm is safe for regular use, and will effectively create a barrier between your dog’s soft paws, and whatever is lurking on the ground outside. 
Why We Recommend It:

Easy to use, simply apply like you would lip balm
Comes in a convenient and portable tube
Moistures and nourishes your pet’s paws
Also creates a protective barrier between your pet’s paws and outdoor elements
Made from all natural ingredients


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