FirstMate Free Range Lamb and Oats Grain Friendly Dog Food for All Life Stages




Introducing NEW FirstMate Free Range Lamb and Oats Grain Friendly Dog Food. This grain friendly formula is a highly nutritious and also affordable dog food for dogs who do not suffer from grain allergies. The lamb in this dog food comes from Australia, and is completely free from added hormones or antibiotics. It is also the only meat protein used in this formula. All of FirstMate’s new Grain Friendly Formulas are free of potato, soy, corn, and wheat. Because of this they are perfect for dogs with different allergies or sensitivities. There is chicken fat included in this formula, however it is processed in a way that makes it free of chicken proteins. This eliminates the risk for dogs who have chicken allergies.
Why We Recommend FirstMate Free Range Lamb and Oats Dog Food:

A nutrient dense, high quality dog food
More affordable than most grain-free diets
Uses a single animal protein; hormone and antibiotic free Australian lamb
Also free of potato, soy, corn and wheat


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