Marshall Bear Rug Ferret Toy and Bed

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The MarsBuy the Marshall bear rug for ferrets at Canadian Pet Connectionhall Bear Rug for small animals is an adorable woodlands themed toy that ferrets love. Your pet can play a fun game of hide and seek, dashing in an out of the bear’s mouth or through each paw. They can play by them self, with you, or with a group of ferret friends. Or, they can relax and snuggle up with this comfy bear bed! Ferrets love to snuggle and burrow, but they also love to dash and run. This is the perfect toy to meet both of those needs. Providing your pet with fun activities is important for their overall well being.

The Marshall Bear Rug is made of super soft fleece, and is machine washable. It is a great toy for all small pets, including ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas, bunnies, and more. This is an excellent toy to leave inside your ferret’s cage, so they can snuggle up in it, or play whenever they want to. It is also a great toy to put outside of the cage for floor play. 20″ X 24″.

Why We Recommend The Marshall Bear Rug:

  • Great for ferrets, and other small animals love it too
  • The perfect place to burrow and also take a long nap
  • Made with warm, soft fleece
  • A cute woodlands theme
  • Use it inside or outside of the cage


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