Marshall Ferret Bungee Toy

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The Marshall Ferret Bungee Toy is an all-time favourite toy for ferrets. These cute toys come in a randomly chosen assortment of cute animals, too. Use the built in elastic strap to attach this toy to almost anywhere that your ferret loves to play. This includes wire cages, from chairs or tables, from stair railing, or even door handles! Your ferret will love the spring-action as this toy bobs up and down with each swat or pull. The cute animals on the end of each bungee are also very durable and well stitched. This is essential to ensuring your ferret won’t easily chew through them.
Marshall Bungee Toys for Ferrets at Canadian Pet Connection
Marshall Ferret Bungee Toys are a great idea to hang over your pet’s hammock or bed, too. This helps to keep them entertained on lazy days. Watch your ferret swat, pull, and also chew. This toy is soft and cute, but is also designed to be durable for your ferrets rough play.

Why We Recommend The Marshall Ferret Bungee Toy:

  • A fun and interactive toy for ferrets
  • Durable and designed for ferrets nails and teeth
  • Can clip onto almost anywhere, including your pet’s cage
  • Spring action makes them fun to pull and bat around
  • An excellent source of entertainment and also exercise


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