Pet Qwerks Flavorit Smoked Cheese and Wood Antler for Dogs

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New from Pet Qwerks! The Flavorit Wood Antler for dogs is the safest alternative to natural antlers. These wood antlers eliminate the risk of breaking teeth or eating bone shards, and also won’t break apart. This is an ideal treat for gentle to moderate chewers. They are perfect for pooches that don’t enjoy chewing on hard antlers, and are safe for your small dogs teeth.
This dog toy is made from real wood and also comes with a delicious smoked cheese flavour. Your dog has a natural desire to chew, and this is an especially good toy to satisfy that need. Use this toy to promote good dental health, without the risk of chemicals or preservatives. 
Why We Recommend It:

Designed to safely mimic natural elk and deer antlers
Won’t break apart or splinter
Made from 100% nylon
Comes in a delicious smoked cheese flavour that dogs love
Promotes healthy chewing habits and also good dental health

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