Schesir Tuna and Papaya Canned Cat Food

$26.46 CAD


Schesir Tuna and Papaya Canned Cat Food is a unique formula that feline’s can’t resist! This interesting blend uses real papaya, for a nutritious flavour that is hard to find in other cat foods. It is also rich of quality cuts of fish, which are loaded with essential fatty acids and nutrients. Schesir canned cat foods are a specially formulated to be exciting for your cat’s taste buds, making them a great choice for even the pickiest of cats.

Schesir Tuna and Papaya Canned Cat Food is a complete and balanced meal. This means your cat does not need anything else in their diet. However, it can also be mixed with kibble or added to other foods for extra flavour and texture. Always ensure your cat has free access to clean water. Sold in a case of 14 (75g per can).

Why We Recommend Schesir Tuna and Papaya Canned Cat Food:

  • A unique flavour profile that cat’s really enjoy
  • Made with whole, high quality ingredients
  • An all natural canned cat food
  • Does not use artificial colours or preservatives
  • Steam cooked to lock in nutrition
  • Made with tuna, papaya, and brown rice

Schesir Tuna and Papaya Canned Cat Food Ingredients:

Tuna, Papaya, Rice, Vitamins A & E, Taurine


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