Supreme Hazel Hamster Lovelies Treats for Small Animals



Supreme Hazel Hamster Lovelies are a wholesome and cute treat designed for your hamster or gerbil. These adorable treats are perfectly bite-sized! They’re also great for other small pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. These treats are made with delicious apricot, strawberry, and banana, making them a sweet and tasty option. 
Supreme Hazel Hamster Lovelies can be hidden around your pet’s habitat for a fun and exciting activity. They can also be hand fed. They come in a variety of cute shapes and colours that will add excitement to your pet’s day. 120 g. 
Why We Recommend Supreme Hazel Hamster Lovelies:

The perfect sized treat for your hamster or gerbil
Can also be given to other small pets
Comes in cute shapes and fun colours
Made with healthy, wholesome ingredients

Supreme Hazel Hamster Lovelies Ingredients:
Wheat flour, sugar, soya oil, apricots (9% in orange biscuit), strawberries (9% in red biscuit), bananas (9% in yellow biscuit)


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