Topcrop Bluejay and Cardinal Outdoor Wild Bird Seed

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Topcrop Blue Jay and Cardinal Food sets the standard for Premium Wild Bird mixes. This mix has it all….
With loads of Sunflower seeds and peanuts and just enough millet and milo, make Topcrop Blue Jay and Cardinal the product of choice for the serious bird feeder. Combine this with Topcrop’s half century Canadian heritage of quality and value, and you will be sure to consistently draw your favourite birds to your feeder.
Available in 4.5kg, 15lb & 30lb bags
White prosso millet, black oil sunflower seed, grey striped sunflower seed, shelled peanuts, red milo (sorghum), wheat, canary seed, canola seed, mineral oil

Crude Protein
14.0% Min
Crude Fat
15.0% Min
Crude Fibre
20.0% Max
12.0% Max


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