Tickless Kid Ultrasonic Rechargeable Tick Repeller


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The Tickless Kid Ultrasonic Rechargeable Tick Repeller is non toxic and odour free. It effectively repels ticks by emitting a high pitch sound that is inaudible to humans. This drives ticks away and also confuses them, so they’re unable to jump on to people. This unit is very small and lightweight, and can easily be tied to a zipper.

The Tickless Kid Ultrasonic Rechargeable Tick Repeller offers protection all season long. This scientifically proven unit  has a range of 5 feet, too. It’s safe enough for infants as well. One unit per package.

Why We Recommend The Tickless Kid Ultrasonic Rechargeable Tick Repeller:

  • Ideal and safe for children
  • A 5 foot range
  • Non toxic and free from fragrances or chemicals
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Highly effective

How to use:

Remove the tab to activate the device. 4 flashes will indicate that the device is on. You can
verify its continued operation at any time by pressing the button and confirming that the LED flashes in
response. Securely fasten the device to the child’s clothing (e.g. belt clip, shoelaces, blankets, stroller),
making sure that the baby cannot remove and swallow it. Do not put the device in a pocket or bag, as
doing so will obstruct the emitted ultrasonic waves. At normal temperatures, the device can keep ticks
away for 6-12 months after activation.


While not waterproof, the product is highly resistant to moisture (IP31). If the device gets wet, it
should be dried immediately to prevent water damage. Due to its small size, keep out of reach of young
children, use only with adult supervision. In areas heavily populated by ticks, 100% protection is not


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