Aqueon Incandescent Aquarium Light Bulbs


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Aqueon Incandescent Aquarium Light Bulbs are tubular bulbs for fish tanks. They are designed to fit all Aqueon Incandescent full hoods and strip lights. They also fit into many other models and brands. Having the right lighting in your fish tank or aquarium will make your fish minding experience more enjoyable. It is also important to have adequate aquarium lighting in order to keep your aquarium clean and healthy. These aquarium light bulbs are carefully crafted to provide optimum illuminination and wattage for your aquarium. The five watt bulbs fit into the MiniBow 1, and the fifteen watt bulbs fit into the MiniBow2.5, and also the 5.0.
Why We Recommend It:

Designed to fit Aqueon full hoods, incandescent light strips, and also works with other brands
Provides optimum lighting
An excellent value
Long lasting


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