Crown Bees Cottage House Style Bee House



The Crown Bees Cottage House is specially designed for beneficial pollinators in your garden. Made from western red cedar, this house features an overhang to keep your inserts, trays, and reeds (and especially your bees!) lean and dry. 
Design Features:

Made from western red cedar
Features  overhang that helps keep your inserts/trays/reeds and especially your bees dry during rain
Sufficient space to place a cocoon release box behind or on top of nesting materials
Perfectly sized for the smaller stack of nesting trays allowing you to increase the smaller trays as your bee population grows.
Works great with either 120 EasyTear tubes, 120 Guard Tube with Inserts, 100 reeds, one 48-hole wood mason bee tray, one 104-hole leafcutter wood tray or combination of smaller trays.

**Please note: As bees are wild insects, they may occasionally decide to nest in other parts of your yard, instead of the bee house provided. Bees may tend to avoid lawns with chemical sprays or treatments.
This product is not a regular stock item, and may take more than 1 week to ship. 


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