Crown Bees Mason Bee Mud Mix



If you want to keep Mason bees, it is imperative to have mud readily available. The Crown Bees Mason Bee Mud Mix is the perfect composition and consistency for Mason bees. The Queen Bee needs the right type of mud available, and without it she might move on to another location.
The female mason bee is very picky when selecting a home location. She won’t build a nest in your yard without the all-important mud. She seals each egg chamber with mud to protect her developing babes. If there’s no mud, she’ll leave. She is also picky about the type of mud she uses. Her small mandibles must be able to grasp small grains, and then fly to the nest.
Wet spring soil can be too soupy to grasp, or the grains too large to hold. Crown Bees has an easy solution for your mason bee. She prefers clayey-mud, not just clay or wet dirt. Our mason bee mud mix packs well and retains water for stickiness. And it’s easy for her to transport.
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