Crown Bees Tower Style Bee House



The Crown Bees Tower Style Bee House is taller than the chalet and cottage style models, perfect for adding extra space and increasing your garden pollinators! This bee house is made of Northwestern cedar, and features a large over hang to protect the inside from precipitation.
Design Features:

Made of northwest cedar
Large overhang helps keep your straws/trays/reeds and bees dry.
There’s room to place a cocoon release box in the attic.
Perfectly sized for large wood trays.
Fits about 200 EasyTear tubes, 150 reeds, or large wood tray.
Size:  13″ H x 10″ W x 8 1/2″ Deep.

This tower can be used with Easytear tubes, reeds, either 96 or 48 hole wood trays, or leafcutter wood trays.
*Please note: As bees are wild insects, they may occasionally decide to nest in other parts of your yard, instead of the bee house provided. Bees may tend to avoid lawns with chemical sprays or treatments.
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