Kaytee Play N Learn Cage for Parakeets


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The Kaytee Play N Learn Cage for Parakeets is specially designed to be a perfect home for your indoor parakeet. This cage is safe and secure, and is also interactive. The oversized front door gives you easy access to your parakeet, and also works as a perch. This encourages your bird to come out and explore their surroundings. 
Kaytee play n learn cage for parakeets at Canadian Pet Connection
The Kaytee Play N Learn Cage for Parakeets has a built-in play top that pops up to allow your bird to leave the cage. Always supervise your pet when they leave their cage. It also has a Treat Play N Learn interactive play wall, that can be used with any Kaytee interactive toy (sold seperately). There are two easy-access doors at the rear of this cage that make it easier to change out toys and treats. Three wooden perches and two food and water dishes are included. Dimensions: 13.5″ X 11″ X 18″H.
Why We Recommend the Kaytee Play N Learn Cage for Parakeets:

The perfect interactive bird cage that encourages activity and mentally stimulates your pet parakeet
Features a Convertible Play Top, Large Front Door and Interactive Toy Access Doors
Includes wooden perches, food and water dishes
Safe and Secure Spacious Design
For Parakeets or other small companion birds


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