FLUKERS Driftwood, Deluxe Driftwood, River Wood, Iguana Branch and Bend-A-Branch




FLUKERS Driftwood, Deluxe Driftwood, River Wood, Iguana Branch and Bend-A-Branch
Give your pet the natural habitat it needs. Fluker’s Driftwood is not only beautiful, but will make any climbing reptile or amphibian feel right at home. Larger in diameter and more tropical looking than any other driftwood on the market, these distinctive wood pieces make great terrarium additions for bearded dragons, snakes, iguanas, and most terrestrial amphibians.
Note: Because this product is natural, each piece is unique and may differ in size, shape and color than the one pictured.
Assembled from California driftwood and designed to fit perfectly in most common tank sizes, Fluker’s Deluxe Driftwood provides shade and shelter, while upper branches encourage basking and climbing.
Fluker’s River Wood is an all natural, dense Oregon hardwood perfect for snakes, geckos, chameleons and other basking animals. The wood’s smooth surface and distinctive marbled appearance adds beauty to any terrarium while creating a more comfortable, natural environment.
NOTE: Since this is a natural product, appearance and size may vary. You may request an approximate length, however if it is not in stock, the next closest size will be shipped.
Fluker Iguana Branch
These branches of natural California grapevine are sandblasted to produce a beautiful color and texture. Recommended for all climbing reptiles. Ideal for iguanas and geckos.
Bend – A – Branch
With a natural look and feel, these branches are the perfect addition to any terrarium. They bend to fit your pet’s enclosure, while offering more support than a conventional vine. Great for chameleons, tree frogs, geckos, snakes, and much more. Three sizes available; all are 6 feet long. New improved color does not bleed.


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