Kaytee Finch Bamboo Nature’s Nest Bird Cage Accessory


Kaytee Finch Bamboo Nature’s Nest is the perfect accessory for your small bird’s cage. This uniquely designed accessory mimics how your finch or other small bird would build their nest in the wild. The privacy of this nest encourages natural behaviours such as courtship, nesting, and even breeding. 
Kaytee Finch Bamboo Nature's Nest Bird Cage Accessory at Canadian Pet Connection
Kaytee Finch Bamboo Nature’s Nest is made of natural bamboo that birds love. It is also woven by hand, to give it a more natural feel. A sturdy interior wire keeps this nest sturdy and secure. This is a large nest, that comes with build in hooks for easy installation.
Why We Recommend The Kaytee Finch Bamboo Nature’s Nest:

Natural bamboo nest that is hand-woven
Mimics a nest your pet would build in the wild
Private and enclosed to encourage natural behaviours
Comes with built in hooks for easy installation
Attaches easily to any wire cage


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