Prevue Hendryx Birdie Basics Wooden Perch


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The Prevue Hendryx™ Birdie Basics™ perches are great for birds of all sizes! Our bird cage accessories provide birds with a place to sit, play and exercise.

With a variety of unvarnished wood perches to choose from. Bagged two-to-a-package, with display ready hang card. The Birdie Basics™ accessories are the perfect complement to any style cage!


  • Extra Extra Extra Large 3/4″ X 19″
  • Extra Extra Large  3/4″ X 17″
  • Extra Large 3/4″ X 15″
  • Large 3/8″ X 19″
  • Medium 3/8″ X 16″
  • Small 3/8″ X 14″
  • Extra Small 3/8″ X 13″
  • Extra Extra Small 3/8″ X 12″
  • Extra Extra Extra Small 3/8″ X 10″



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