Versele-Laga Complete Chinchilla and Degu Food

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Versele-Laga Complete Chinchilla and Degu Food is a healthful, delicious, and high quality food for degus and chinchillas. This delicious formula is packed with nutrition, and includes linseed for omega-3’s. It is also made without any added sugars. The small pellets in this chinchilla and degu food are scientifically designed with everything your tiny pet needs to thrive, and they also include Alfalfa and Timothy hay for long strand fiber. This is the ideal food for any degu or chinchilla.
Versele-Laga Complete Chinchilla and Degu Food feeding guide at Canadian Pet Connection
Versele-Laga Complete Chinchilla and Degu Food is formulated by a specialized team of Veterinarians who specialize in animal health and nutrition. It is based on the essential needs of all breeds of chinchilla and degu, as well as advanced scientific insights that can improve your pet’s quality of life. This food is also an all-in-one mix, meaning your pet won’t be able to selectively choose what parts they eat. Available in 1.36 kg and 8 kg bags.
Versele-Laga Complete Chinchilla and Degu Food pellets at Canadian Pet Connection

Why We Recommend Versele-Laga Complete Chinchilla and Degu Food:

  • Scientifically designed to be the perfect food for chinchillas and degus
  • Contains all of the essential vitamins and nutrients your pet needs
  • Also contains timothy and alfalfa hay
  • A compressed pellet that prevents selective eating behaviours
  • Enriched with linseed for Omega-3’s, and doesn’t contain added sugar
  • Promotes excellent dental health



Derivatives of vegetable origin (timothy 23%, alfalfa, grasses and herbs), Vegetable protein extracts, Seeds (linseed 2%), Minerals, Fructo-oligosaccharides (0.3%), Marigold, Yucca

Guaranteed Analysis:

Protein 17.0%, fat content 3.0%, crude fibre 20.0%, crude ash 7.5%, calcium 0.8%, phosphorus 0.6%

2 reviews for Versele-Laga Complete Chinchilla and Degu Food

  1. Dragonicequeen (verified owner)

    My degus love this food. It’s perfect to add to their daily hay intake.

  2. froidspike (verified owner)

    The traditionnal Degu good. The best in the market. Great to add the 99$ free shipping and little big Less $ than traditionnal store.

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