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Super Can Bulk Pigs Ears

$19.99 CAD


Super Can Bulk Pigs Ears are fresh and tasty. They’re the perfect treat for your pooch! These premium pigs ears are made with only the best quality livestock, to ensure your pet is enjoying a 100% natural product, free from unwanted chemicals or ingredients. These low fat treats are a great source of protein, and they’re easy to digest, too. As your dog chews them, they become gummy-like and easy to swallow. Your pooch will love the delicious pork flavour, as well.

Super Can Bulk Pigs Ears are made in Colombia, supporting local South American farmers. They’re completely free from Chinese ingredients. This nutrient dense treat is an excellent way to promote good dental health, as they gently clean your dog’s teeth and gums while he chews. Chewing is an excellent way to entertain and stimulate your dog, which is important for their mental health and well being. This is especially true during the Winter months, when dogs tend to get less exercise. Pig’s ears take longer to consume than many other types of treats, so they’re a natural choice to keep your dog entertained. Always monitor your pooch when chewing on a pig’s ear, as some dogs may be prone to choking on smaller pieces. 10 pigs ears per bag.

Why We Recommend Super Can Bulk Pigs Ears:

  • A premium quality pig’s ear
  • Made in South America, no ingredients from China
  • All natural and easy to digest
  • Promoted optimal dental health
  • A fun treat that is low in fat and high in protein


Premium dehydrated pig’s ears.


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