Marshall Ferret Finder Collar



The Marshall Ferret Finder Collar is a state-of-the-art electronic collar that keeps tabs on where your ferret is. Ferret’s are masters of escaping, hiding, and sneaking about. With the ferret finder collar and app, you can locate your fuzzy friend in just seconds! The bluetooth-enabled disk has a long-lasting battery life. It inserts into a safe, silicon enclosure within the collar that is easy to clean and very secure. The collar is adjustable, so it will fit your ferret perfectly.

The app is free to use, and works on both android and ios. Best of all, multiple collars can be connected to one account, so you can keep track of all your fuzzy friends from one device. Works up to 20 metres from your device. You can set an alarm, to notify you if your pet goes out of range. You can also set off an alarm on their collar, to make it easier to find them within the house. Available in pink, white, or black.

Why We Recommend The Marshall Ferret Finder Collar:

  • Blue-tooth enabled and easy to use
  • A soft silicon collar that easily adjusts
  • Add multiple collars to your account
  • Free to use app, set ranges and alarms
  • Take the disk out to use with the Marshall Ferret Walking Harness



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