Aqueon Flexible LED Bubble Wands LED Aquarium Lighting


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Aqueon Flexible Bubble Wands are a premium aquarium accessory. This LED lighting feature creates a decorative bubble curtain for your aquarium. This lighting feature is fantastic for aquarium bottoms. It comes with suction cups that allow you to bend and shape it around aquarium decor, too.
This aquarium lighting feature comes in three colours; white, blue, and also multi-colour. Enjoy an oh-so-beautiful mix of colours from the multi-colour setting. This bubble wand can be easily powered by an aqueon air pump; just add tubing!
Why We Recommend It:

Made with energy efficient LED lighting
A beautiful decorative bubble wand
Easily winds around any decor, too!
Stays on the bottom of the tank using suction cups
Also comes with a two piece 10 foot long cord


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