Aqueon Monster Fish Medley Large Fish Food


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Aqueon Monster Fish Medley Fish Food is the perfect food for large aquarium fish. It is the ideal diet for fish such as Oscars, Catfish, Arowana, and many other large chichlids, too. This food comes in a convenient resealable pouch. The healthful ingredients in this food are akin to what your fish would eat in the wild. This includes high protein foods that fish are naturally attracted to, such as mealworms and rivershrimp. When fed as directed, this food will not cloud aquarium water. Aqueon Monster Fish Medley Fish Food can be fed to smaller fish too; simply break it into manageable sized pieces. You can feed this food as a complete and balanced diet for your fish, or as a supplement to other fish foods.

Why We Recommend It:

Highly nutritious fish food
Designed for larger fish, but can also be fed to smaller fish
Close to what your fish would eat in the wild
Made with protein-rich river shrimp and meal worms
Comes in a convenient, resealable bag


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