Aqueon Spirulina Enriched Fish Food Flakes


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Aqueon Spirulina Enriched Flaked Fish Food is loaded with essential B vitamins and also antioxidants. This is an excellent daily diet for herbivorous fish, especially those that would normally live on algae. Carnivorous fish can also enjoy this food as a supplement to their regular diet. This fish food is made with ingredients that fish would eat in the wild, making it very attractive to most fish. It is also designed to create less waste than other leading fish food brands. Aqueon Spirulina Enriched Flaked Fish Food is a complete and balanced diet for most fish, and includes essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. When fed as directed, this food will not cloud the water in your aquarium. 1.02 OZ
Why We Recommend It:

High in antioxidants and B vitamins
Also high in essential vitamins and nutrients
Will not cloud water, and created minimal waste
A very attractive flavour for most fish


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