MCINTOSH PRO-LINE Nature’s Dentist Powder



MCINTOSH PRO-LINE Nature’s Dentist Powder
More than 85% of dogs and cats older than four years of age have periodontal disease. As we care for our pets better, and they live longer lives, dental care becomes a more critical issue. Natures Dentist is designed specifically to be used between veterinarian dental cleanings to promote better dental health and decrease the incidence of periodontal disease from bad bacteria. Natures Dentist works to fight off the bad bacteria that can cause gums to swell with infection and accumulate with pus leading to bad breath and worse, material that can enter the bloodstream through the damaged and inflamed gum tissue and travel to the heart valves, kidneys and liver where the bacteria can cause serious damage. Natures Dentist is uniquely formulated with a combination of synergistic ingredients that will help remove plaque and reduce enzymes that cause bad breath without destroying digestive flora, stain teeth or have a bitter, unacceptable taste. Harmful organisms that grow from bacterial toxins are reduced, thus establishing a fresher and healthier oral cavity. You are your pet will both be smiling with Natures Dentists results. Natures Dentist is a powder that is conveniently sprinkled on top of your pets food in the AM and the PM. For best results, use Natures Dentist in conjunction with regular dental visits to your veterinarian.


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