Kaytee Flat-Back Water Bottle for Small Animals

$10.99 CAD$18.29 CAD



The Kaytee Flat-Back Water Bottle is an innovative space-saving accessory for your small pet’s cage. This bottle holds an adequate volume of water, yet takes up less space than traditional round bottles. It is also a premium quality bottle, so it will last for years to come.
The Kaytee Flat-Back Water Bottle has a smooth surface that is easy to keep clean. It fits snugly against the side of your pets cage, taking up a minimal amount of space. This water bottle comes with a Snap Lock bracket so you can easily and firmly attach it to any wire cage.
Why We Recommend The Kaytee Flat-Back Water Bottle:

Sturdy and well made design
Easy to keep clean
Takes up less space than round water bottles
Attaches firmly to the side of any wire cage
Include a Snap Lock bracket for easy installation


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