Kaytee Hay Manger Small Animal Feeder with Salt Hanger



The Kaytee Hay Manger is an excellent way to give your furry friend a fresh supply of hay, including alfalfa, timothy, or other grass hays. It can also be used for fresh vegetables, which your pet will love! This hay manger will keep the hay off of your pet’s cage floor, giving them more living space while also decreasing food waste. 
The Kaytee Hay Manger attaches easily to the inside of any wire cage, and can be hooked on at any level. This makes it easy to pick a height that is best for your pet. It also features a built-in salt spool hanger. This gives your pet a clean and safe spot to enjoy their salt lick.
Why We Recommend The Kaytee Hay Manger:

Keeps hay off the cage floor
Helps to eliminate food waste
Can also be used for fresh veggies
Comes with a built in salt spool hanger



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