Kaytee Salt Savors and mini Salt Savors



Kaytee Salt Savors are a tasty and fun treat for your small pet. Guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, and other small pets will delight in this salty snack. It also provides your pet with essential minerals. These salt savors can be used on any Kaytee Treat K Bob, too!
Kaytee Salt Savors Salt Treat for Small Animals at Canadian Pet Connection
Kaytee Salt Savors are available as a large white piece with holder, or as four mini sized pieces. The unique clip for the larger size allow it to spin, which adds extra fun for your pet. 
Why We recommend Kaytee Salt Savors:

A fun way treat that most small pets will love
Gives your pet necessary minerals
Can attach to any Treat K Bob
Helps to alleviate cage boredom


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