KMR Multi – Animal Nutritional Supplements (Nursing Kit / Bene-Bac PLUS) PETAG



Aids normal digestion at times when your pet’s routine or environment changes

Contains 7 common microorganisms found in a healthy digestive tract

Safe for dogs and cats of all ages, including newborns

Gel syringe makes it easy to dispense Bene-Bac to newborn and small animals

Bene-Bac Plus contains live, naturally-occurring microorganisms to support digestive tract health when pets experience changing nutritional or environmental conditions. Bene-Bac Plus contains 7 common bacteria normally found in a healthy digestive tract, including Lactobacillus acidophilus. Now also has fructooligosaccharide (FOS), a prebiotic to support the growth of probiotic bacteria. It is ideal for pets under adverse conditions such as showing, breeding, traveling, post birth, after worming, at weaning, while boarding, post surgery, when dietary changes occur, post-antibiotic therapy or as indicated by your pet’s veterinarian. Contains a guaranteed 20 million colony forming units (CFU) per gram of viable, lactic acid producing bacteria.
For Gel, each “click” of the oral-syringe-like dispenser equals one gram of Bene-Bac Plus. Gel is ideal for small pets and newborns. ForPowder, one level teaspoon equals 2.7 grams of Bene-Bac Plus. Powder is ideal for larger pets and adults.
Powder DirectionsHand Fed Infants: Add to one feeding using amount from table below on days 1, 3, 5, and 7 and then one feeding per week until weaned.MAINTENANCE: Use recommended daily feeding once weekly. Feed animals by top dressing Bene-Bac Plus Powder on moist or dry food. Discard uneaten food after no more than 8 hours, and thoroughly wash dishes.

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