Oxbow Pure Comfort Bedding

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Oxbow Pure Comfort bedding is made using only new paper that has never been printed on. The result is a super soft bedding that your small animal will love. This bedding is very clean, and is safe for all pets. This bedding has superior moisture control, which makes it very easy to clean up. It is also very good at controlling odours. This is a dust free product. For best results, put 1-3 inches of bedding on the floor of your pet’s habitat. Remove and replace bedding at least once a week.

Why We Recommend Oxbow Pure Comfort Bedding:

  • Always made from new paper only
  • Your pet will love how extremely soft it is
  • It has superior odour control
  • This bedding has excellent moisture control and is easy to clean up
  • It is a dust free product also
  • Comes in white, natural, or a blend of both


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