Kaytee Crispy Garden Loofah Chew Toy for Small Animals


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The Kaytee Crispy Garden Loofah Chew Toy is an exceptionally large small animal toy. Made from safe materials, this toy will keep your pet chewing for days! This toy is designed for larger small animals, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. It will come as either a carrot or a corn cob. 
The Kaytee Crispy Garden Loofah Chew Toy promotes natural chewing and gnawing, which your pets needs for optimal health. The satisfaction from chewing the natural loofah is unmatched in other chewing toys. It also promotes excellent dental health! 
Why We Recommend The Kaytee Crispy Garden Loofah Chew Toy:

Made from natural loofah that your pet will love to chew
An excellent toy for larger small animals
Promotes healthy chewing and gnawing behaviours
Keeps your pet entertained and stimulated for days!
Extra large size compared to other chewing toys


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