Ware Barrel Roller Small Animal Toy

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Small animals such as hamsters, rabbits, and guinea pigs, have a biological need to chew. This promotes good dental health, and also provides your pet with an enriching activity. Ware Barrel Roller wood chew toys are a completely natural and safe treat for your pets. These toys are made out of wood, making them ideal for chewing. They give your pet a fun activity that can relieve cage boredom, by rolling around as your pet pushes, climbs, and chews. They also help keep your pet’s teeth trimmed. The Ware Barrel Roller Wood Chew Toy is the perfect way to combine chewing and playtime!
Why We Recommend The Ware Barrel Roller:

Promotes great dental health by giving your pet something to gnaw
Keeps your pet entertained for hours
Made from natural ingredients
Rolls around and make playtime fun
A great treat for bunnies, hamsters, guinea pigs, and more


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