Are you looking for expert guidance to ensure the optimal health and well-being of your beloved pet? Look no further! We are thrilled to offer our exclusive Pet Health Consulting Services, led by award-winning Certified Pet Nutritional and Behavioural Consultant, Brandon Forder. With a deep passion for pet health and nutrition, Brandon brings a wealth of industry experience and qualifications to revolutionize your pet’s well-being.

Discover the unique benefits of our Pet Health Consulting Services:

Extensive Industry Expertise: Brandon Forder has dedicated over twenty-five years to the pet industry, earning numerous certifications and diplomas in Pet Nutrition and Health. Rest assured, you’re receiving guidance from a true industry insider who understands the science behind pet health.

Specialization in Pet Health and Nutrition: Brandon’s dedication to pet health and nutrition is evident through his recognized accreditations in Companion Animal Nutrition, Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare, Pet Psychology, and more. Benefit from his in-depth knowledge to ensure your furry friend receives the optimal balance of nutrients for their specific needs.

Extensive Experience in the Field: With almost three decades of experience, Brandon has collaborated closely with pet owners, veterinarians, and industry professionals to enhance the well-being of countless animals. His practical expertise, combined with his academic background, enables him to provide effective solutions for your pet’s health concerns.

Personalized Consultations: We understand that every pet is unique, and their health needs require individual attention. Our consulting sessions with Brandon are entirely personalized, considering your pet’s specific requirements, lifestyle, and any existing health conditions. Benefit from tailored recommendations for your pet’s unique needs.

Comprehensive Approach: We believe in a holistic approach to pet well-being. Brandon’s expertise extends beyond nutrition and encompasses areas such as exercise, mental stimulation, and preventive care. By addressing all aspects of your pet’s life, we foster overall wellness and longevity.

Ongoing Support and Follow-ups: Our commitment to your pet’s success doesn’t end with a single session. We provide continuous support, follow-ups, and adjustments to ensure your pet’s health journey stays on track. Count on us to be there every step of the way, offering guidance and expertise whenever you need it.

Don’t miss the opportunity to work with a trusted professional in the Canadian pet industry. Schedule a consultation with Brandon, the Pet Expert, today! Together, let’s unlock the full potential of your pet’s health and well-being.

Disclaimer: Brandon Forder, the Pet Expert, is not a veterinarian. While he offers valuable guidance and support in pet health and nutrition, his advice should not replace professional veterinary care. Always consult with a licensed veterinarian for specific medical concerns or issues regarding your pet’s health. Pet Health Consulting Services aims to complement veterinary care and provide general recommendations, but individualized veterinary advice is essential for accurate diagnoses, treatments, and personalized care for your pet.

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Once you’ve booked your appointment, please purchase your appointment credit here:

If we haven’t received payment by one hour before your appointment, your appointment will be cancelled.