Dog and Cat Food Samples

Are you looking for pet food samples for your cat or dog? You’ve come to the right place! We offer sample packs for your feline or canine friend. All of our sample packs contain high quality pet food samples, from leading premium food manufacturers that we trust. To add a pet food sample pack to your order, simply use code DOGSAMPLE or CATSAMPLE at checkout.

Canadian Pet Connection Coupons

At Canadian Pet Connection, we only offer discounts and coupons that come directly from our website. Third party sites that claim to offer discounts, and link to our website, are not authorized by, or affiliated with, Canadian Pet Connection. Below you will find a list of current coupon codes:

  • CARNA410 – Use this code for 10% off your first purchase of Carna4 products
  • DOGSAMPLE – Use this code to add a dog food sample pack to your order
  • CATSAMPLE – Use this code to add a cat food sample pack to your order