How Our Flat Rate Shipping Works

Shipping is calculated at checkout, and is based on the total weight of your order as well as your shipping address location. Any orders over 300 lbs will require a shipping quote. To acquire a shipping quote, please contact the Operations department at [email protected] In some instances, remote shipping charges may total more than what is charged at checkout. If this happens, our Customer Service Team will contact you discuss shipping options. Bulky items, such as hay and large beds, may incur additional costs to ship.

Free Shipping

Free shipping is available to most Canadian locations, excluding the remote areas listed below. In most parts of Canada, orders that are over $99 and under 20 lbs will automatically qualify for free shipping at checkout. In special shipping zones (see below), free shipping is available on all orders over $69. 

Special Ontario Shipping Zones:

P2A*, P1P*, P1L*, P1H*, P0G*, P0E*, P0C*, P0A*, L1A*, L0P*, L0C*, K9A*, K8H*, K8B*, K8A*, K7V*, K7S*, K7H*, K7C*, K7A*, K6K*, K6A*, K0J*, K0B*, N1M*, L7J*, L3K*, L3C*, L3B*, L2A*, L0S*, L0B*, K9L*, K9J*, K9H*, N3H*, N3E*, N3C*, N3B*, N3A*, N2V*, N2T*, N2R*, N2P*, N2N*, N2M*, N2L*, N2K*, N2J*, N2H*, N2G*, N2E*, N2C*, N2B*, N2A*, N1T*, N1S*, N1R*, N1P*, N1L*, N1K*, N1H*, N1G*, N1E*, N1C*, L9Z*, L9Y*, L9X*, L9T*, L9S*, L9P*, L9N*, L9M*, L9L*, L9J*, L9E*, L7B*, L4R*, L4N*, L4A*, L3Z*, L3V*, L3M*, L2W, L2V*, L2T*, L2S*, L2R*, L2P*, L2N*, L2M*, L2J*, L2H*, L2G*, L2E*, L1Y*, L1E*, L1B*, L0M*, L0L*, L0G*, L0E*, L9R*, L4P*, L4M*, L4G*, L3Y*, L3X*, L1Z*, L1X*, L1W*, L1V*, L1T*, L1S*, L1R*, L1P*, L1N*, L1M*, L1L*, L1K*, L1J*, L1H*, L1G*, L1C*, L0H*, M7A*, M5X*, M5K*, L5S*, L5P*, L4V*, M9W*, M9V*, M9R*, M9P*, M9N*, M9M*, M9L*, M9C*, M9B*, M9A*, M8Z*, M8Y*, M8X*, M8W*, M8V*, M6S*, M6R*, M6P*, M6N*, M6M*, M6L*, M6K*, M6J*, M6H*, M6G*, M6E*, M6C*, M6B*, M6A*, M5V*, M5T*, M5S*, M5R*, M5P*, M5N*, M5M*, M5J*, M5H*, M5G*, M5E*, M5C*, M5B*, M5A*, M4Y*, M4X*, M4W*, M4V*, M4T*, M4S*, M4R*, M4P*, M4N*, M4M*, M4L*, M4K*, M4J*, M4H*, M4G*, M4E*, M4C*, M4B*, M4A*, M3N*, M3M*, M3L*, M3K*, M3J*, M3H*, M3C*, M3B*, M3A*, M2R*, M2P*, M2N*, M2M*, M2L*, M2K*, M2J*, M2H*, M1X*, M1W*, M1V*, M1T*, M1S*, M1R*, M1P*, M1N*, M1M*, M1L*, M1K*, M1J*, M1H*, M1G*, M1E*, M1C*, M1B*, L9K*, L9H*, L9G*, L9C*, L9B*, L9A*, L8W*, L8V*, L8T*, L8S*, L8R*, L8P*, L8N*, L8M*, L8L*, L8K*, L8J*, L8H*, L8G*, L8E*, L8B*, L7T*, L7S*, L7R*, L7P*, L7N*, L7M*, L7L*, L7G*, L7A*, L6Z*, L6Y*, L6X*, L6W*, L6V*, L6T*, L6S*, L6R*, L6P*, L6M*, L6L*, L6K*, L6J*, L6H*, L6G*, L6E*, L6C*, L6B*, L6A*, L5W*, L5V*, L5T*, L5R*, L5N*, L5M*, L5L*, L5K*, L5J*, L5H*, L5G*, L5E*, L5C*, L5B*, L5A*, L4Z*, L4Y*, L4X*, L4W*, L4T*, L4S*, L4L*, L4K*, L4J*, L4H*, L4E*, L4C*, L4B*, L3T*, L3S*, L3R*, L3P*, L0J*

E1A*, E3C*, E4Y*, E7A*, E9A*, E1B*, E3E*, E4Z*, E7B*, E9B*, E1C*, E3G*, E5A*, E7C E9C*, E1E*, E3L*, E5B*, E7E*, E9E*, E1G*, E3N*, E5C*, E7G*, E9G*, E1H*, E3V*, E5G*, E7H*, E9H*, E1J*, E3Y*, E5H*, E7J *, E1N*, E3Z*, E5J*, E7K*, E1V*, E4A*, E5K*, E7L*, E1W*, E4B*, E5L*, E7M*, E1X*, E4C*, E5M*, E7N*, E2A*, E4E*, E5N*, E7P*, E2E*, E4G*, E5P*, E8A *, E2G*, E4H*, E5R*, E8B*, E2H*, E4J*, E5S*, E8C*, E2J*, E4K*, E5T*, E8E*, E2K*, E4L*, E5V*, E8G*, E2L*, E4M*, E6A*, E8J*, E2M*, E4N*, E6B*, E8K*, E2N*, E4P*, E6C*, E8L*, E2P*, E4R*, E6E*, E8M*, E2R*, E4S*, E6G*, E8N*, E2S*, E4T*, E6H*, E8P*, E2V*, E4V*, E6J*, E8R*, E3A*, E4W*, E6K*, E8S*, E3B*, E4X*, E6L *, E8T*, C0A*, C0B*, C1A*, C1B*, C1C*, C1E*, C1N*




Remote Area Shipping

Certain remote areas within Canada have limited delivery service and this results in a high shipping cost. We are unable to offer our standard flat rate shipping prices to these areas but do have competitive rates with Canada Post that you can take advantage of. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Some remote shipping areas may still qualify for free shipping with the carrier MPS.

Click on your Province below to check if your postal code is considered remote:

E2A*, E3A*, E3C*, E3E*, E3G*, E3L*, E3N*, E3V*, E4A*, E4B*, E4C*, E4E*, E4H*, E4M*, E4S*, E4T*, E4V 0A9, E4W*, E4X*, E4Y*, E4Z E5A, E5B*, E5C*, E5E*, E5G*, E5J*, E5K*, E5L*, E5M*, E5N*, E5P*, E5R*, E5S*, E5T*, E5V*, E6A*, E6B*, E6C*, E6E*, E6G*, E6H*, E6J*, E6K*, E6L*, E7A*, E7B*, E7E*, E7G*, E7Hv, E7J*, E7K*, E7L*, E7M*, E7N*, E7P*, E8A*, E8B*, E8E*, E8G*, E8T*, E9A*, E9B*, E9C*, E9E*, E9H 0A1

A0A*, A0B*, A0C*, A0E*, A0G*, A0H*, A0J*, A0K*, A0L*, A0M*, A0N*, A0P*, A0R*, A8A*

B0C*, B0E*, B0H*, B0J*, B0K*, B0M*, B0N*, B0R 1A0, B0R 1E0, B0R 1H0, B0T 1B0, B0T 1E0, B0T 1N0, B0T 1X0, B0V*, B1C*, B1K 2S5, B1X 2A4, B1Y 3B1, B2C*, B9A 1H7

K0H*, P0B*, P0J*, P0K*, P0L*, P0M*, P0P*, P0S*, P0T*, P0V*, P0W*, P0X*

C0A*, C0B 1P0

G0C 1X0, G0C 3G0, G0G*, G0H*, G0J*, G0K 1K0, G0K 1R0, G0L*, G0R*, G0V*, G0W*, G0X 1S0, G0X 1V0, G0X 1W0, G4T*, G8L*, G8M J0K, J0M*, J0R 1A0, J0T*, J0V 1G0, J0V 1K0, J0W*, J0Y*, J0Z*, J8G*, J8H*

R0A*, R0B*, R0C*, R0E*, R0G*, R0H*, R0J*, R0K*, R0L*, R0M*

S0A*, S0C*, S0E*, S0G*, S0H*, S0J*, S0K*, S0L*, S0M*, S0N*, S0P*

T0A*, T0B*, T0E*, T0G*, T0H*, T0J*, T0K*, T0L*, T0P*, T9H*, T9J*, T9K*

V0A*, V0B*, V0C*, V0E*, V0G*, V0H 1A0, V0H 1J0, V0H 1M0, V0J*, V0K*, V0L*, V0N*, V0P*, V0R*, V0S 1K0, V0S 1L0, V0T*, V0V*, V0W 1A0, V0X*, V8A 0A7, V9Z 1K2, V9Z 1L1, V9Z 1L9

X0A*, X0B*, X0C*, X0E*, X0G 0A0, X1A*, Y0A 1B0, Y0A 1C0, Y0B*, Y1A*

Shipping Times

We do our best to ship all orders as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most orders take an average of 2 to 7 business days to leave our warehouse. However, the flow of goods into and out of our warehouse may experience unforseen disruptions for any reason, at any time, which is beyond our control. If your order is delayed, you will be notified.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if an item is missing from my order? First, verify that you’ve received a box for each tracking number associated with your order. If all boxes have been delivered but you’re still missing an item, check the packing list for notes regarding your order. Please call Canadian Pet Connection Customer Service at 1-844-799-PETS (7387) or email us at [email protected] if you’re unable to locate an item. Does Canadian Pet Connection deliver to P.O. Boxes? Yes, Canadian Pet Connection will ship via Canada Post to PO Boxes and rural route addresses. Does Canadian Pet Connection ship internationally? Canadian Pet Connection will ship to the USA, but is not currently shipping to any other countries.  How can I check the status of an order? You can check the status of an order by logging into My Account and clicking on “Orders”. For more detailed information about an order, contact the warehouse at [email protected] What happens if a package is lost or stolen? Occasionally, packages may be lost in transit. If your package goes missing while still in the care of the courier service, please file a report with our customer care team. You can contact us here. Canadian Pet Connection is not responsible for stolen packages. If your package is missing, please check all areas around your residence where it may have been delivered to – many parcel carriers hide packages in an attempt to thwart theft. Also, please speak to others living in your home to see if they have any information about the delivery. If the package is still not found, contact your local police department to file a stolen parcel report.

Returns and Refunds

  • Canadian Pet Connection accepts returns on any item within 30 days of the item being delivered to your shipping address.
  • Return shipping is the customer’s responsibility, and will not be reimbursed.
  • Returned items must be in their original re-sellable condition, otherwise a 20% restocking fee will apply. 
  • Refunds apply to the original product charge only. Original shipping charges will not be refunded, unless the customer chooses store credit.
  • If a returned item was originally sent via Free Shipping, the refund amount will be the original product purchase price minus the cost of shipping.
  • We do our best to issue refunds within 7 business days of an item returning to our warehouse; we apologize for any additional backlog. 
  • Please note that returns of Supreme, v-planet, or Benevo vegan dog food will only be accepted in opened condition in the case of a quality problem or recall. Otherwise, they must be unopened and resellable.
  • If the package appears to be damaged at the time of delivery you have the right to refuse it. Contact Canadian Pet Connection customer service to discuss the problem and arrange for replacement products. Please return all damaged shipping cartons for inspection by the courier or common freight carrier.
  • Damaged packages must be reported within 72 hours of being received.
  • We cannot accept COD returns.
  • Return Address: Warehouse Returns – C/ O Canadian Pet Connection 278 Cook St, Unit 8, Meaford, Ontario, N4L 1H4


For more information, please use our online contact form or call 1-844-799-PETS (7387)