Dog Feeding Accessories

Finding the right food and water bowls for your dog will make feeding time smoother, and we have all the dog feeding accessories you need. First of all, consider the size of your pet. Smaller dogs need smaller bowls, and also may not be able to reach into elevated feeding dishes. While bigger dogs, such as shepherds and great danes, may benefit from an elevated feeding dish as it can decrease their need to bend down. Skid proof feeding dishes are an excellent way to keep your dog’s food and water in place while they munch. And if your dog is an aggressive eater, consider a non-tip bowl. Keeping your dog’s water clean can be a challenge. Consider a fountain bowl, such as the Clean Flow Filter Water Bowl. For dogs on the go, we carry travel bowls. With our selection of decorative pet bowls, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste. Some dogs tend to eat too quickly. If this sounds like your dog, try a slow feed bowl. We even carry a selection of specialty bowls, such as the Lixit Ant Free Dish, and the K & H Heated Outdoor Water Dish.